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Short haul
20  2014s freightliners
60 dry boxes  2013s/2014s


Long haul   
80  2015 model freightliner and 2017 Freightliner Cascadias

100 utility 3000R  53 ft. 102 wide trailers

60  2014s 

41  2015s all with thermo king units


All trucks have QUALCOMM satellite,  2014 trailers have sky biz tracking 

All the 2015 utilities have thermo kings newest tracking and monitoring system  

With the ability to track, monitor temperature including a pulp temp (with warnings by text or e-mail if it's out of set temperature range), also the ability to change temperature from the office. This is the newest tech available.



Benny Whitehead, Inc., headquartered in Eufaula, Alabama is a refrigerated truckload carrier that operates from the Southeast to the West Coast, hauling refrigerated and dry goods. For 45 years, the name Benny Whitehead has stood for high-quality transportation services to an ever-growing list of prestigious customers. Experience, integrity and a solid track record have earned Benny Whitehead a reputation as one of the nation's leading transport companies in both temperature control and dry products.


Commodities requiring refrigerated transport can be anything from fresh food and produce to adhesives and pharmaceuticals, each with their own refrigerated shipping characteristics. Benny Whitehead has a long history of transporting a wide range of perishable commodities utilizing state-of-the-art air ride vans equipped with the latest in temperature control technology. Our 53-foot trailers provide maximum cube, and most have bulkhead capability; hence, we can handle those mixed temperature shipments. Moreover, the air-ride suspension system cushions the ride to assure your product arrives in the same condition it was when loaded. In addition, we can transport your goods at temperatures ranging from minus 20 to plus 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and hold them at the temperature you specify.


Benny Whitehead, Inc. has a cool solution that’s right for your business when it comes to the on-time delivery of your perishable or temperature sensitive, refrigerated truckload freight.


Benny Whitehead, Inc. takes pride in the service we give to our customers. Service is our #1 priority!

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